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Check-up and Clean

With tooth decay and gum disease being the major reasons for dental treatment and tooth loss, we recommend a routine check-up to detect any problem in its early stages as prevention is always better than cure. At your first visit, we will spend any necessary amount of time to ensure we understand your dental needs and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs.

A regular clean every 6 months is recommended as plaque and tartar build up over time on your teeth which necessitates professional cleaning. On top of that, regular cleans can help reduce extrinsic stains on your teeth and can help with some cases of bad breath (halitosis).

Fillings/ Restorations

With tooth decay being the most common dental problem to date, tooth restorations remain one of the most carried-out procedure in dental practice. What has changed is the filling materials that we use. We offer a range of tooth-coloured fillings to closely match that with the colour of your teeth in order to reduce your discomfort and restore function of your teeth, while recognising the importance of the appearance of the tooth.

Dental Implants

Teeth are generally lost due to decays and gum disease and dental implants are a modern way of replacing missing teeth.  Among the advantages of dental implants such as restoring function and aesthetics as well as preserve surrounding bone, dental implants are a replacement that most closely replicates a natural tooth. The process of placing a dental implant requires a few stages from planning to implant placement and placing a final restoration of the implant. The process, however, does not end there because, like a natural tooth, an implant is also susceptible to gum diseases (known as peri-implantitis). On top of replacing missing teeth with implants, we also provide the necessary care to ensure your dental implants are in the best condition they can be.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when there is bacteria in the root canal system of teeth due to reasons such as tooth decay or cracks in teeth. We recognise the importance of helping you retain your natural teeth and root canal treatment is what helps us achieve that goal. When tooth decay or cracks in your teeth become deep, they would generally cause you some discomfort. With root canal treatment, we aim to first get you out of discomfort, then the root canal of the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly and filled with Gutta-percha rubber. Depending on how much tooth structure is remaining, the tooth may require a crown after root canal treatment to help strengthen the tooth.

At Lok Dentists, we use the newest endodontic technology which increases the cleaning of the root canal. At the same time, the increased flexibility of the files make for a safer procedure with minimal chance of file separation. The multiple benefits derived from this system ultimately leads to a more predictable outcome of treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

Not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, but in many cases wisdom teeth do not grow into proper positions in the oral cavity like most other teeth. Coupled with the lack of access for oral hygiene, the chance of decay and gum problems is increased not only for the wisdom teeth but also their neighbouring teeth. It is best to come in for a consultation if you have any questions or problems regarding your wisdom teeth and we can provide the appropriate advice and, if required, necessary management of your wisdom teeth.


Despite the decline in popularity of dentures as an option for tooth replacement as newer technologies are developed, we recognise that with proper case selection dentures are still very valid options for certain patients. The main advantage of dentures is the possibility of replacing multiple at once. With the development of dental implants, the use of dentures can also be improved as dentures can now be further consolidated with the support of several implants.

Crown and Bridge/ Oral Rehabilitation

At Lok Dentists, we offer a range of prosthetic treatment to either reinforce teeth compromised teeth or replace missing teeth. For teeth that have had extensive decay in the past, restoration with normal filling materials may not have an acceptable longevity. Placement of crowns on such teeth can reinforce and protect remaining tooth structure from further damage and increase longevity of the tooth for many years. Despite the increased popularity of dental implants, the use of dental bridge to replace missing teeth is still commonly used. Dental bridge relies on neighbouring teeth for support and is a viable option in situations where neighbouring teeth require placement of crowns.

In situations where teeth have been missing for many years, full-mouth rehabilitation may be required in order to restore a new dentition that provides optimal aesthetics and allows for patients to function comfortably. These situations usually call for the combined use of orthodontics and a range of prosthetic replacement.


Looking to have straighter teeth? We offer orthodontic treatment (braces) which can help align your teeth and jaws for a better smile. Malalignment of teeth can be caused by many different reasons such as teeth not erupting in the correct position, early loss of baby teeth, tooth size discrepancies and discrepancies in the jaw relationships. A consultation with us can highlight the reasons for tooth malalignment and we can decide upon the best time for treatment and the type of treatment that you will require. Here at Lok Dentists, we offer orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages and treatment varies depending on whether or not patients are still growing.

Adult orthodontics (20+ years) – As growth has more or less ended at this stage, orthodontic treatment for this age group mainly targets the alignment of teeth which may necessitate planned extractions of several teeth for improved stability of the final result.

For younger patients who are still growing, interceptive orthodontics can help correct the facial relationship as well as straighten the teeth. In growing patients, growth is modified to alter facial proportions to a degree that is acceptable to the patient.


Looking for a brighter and whiter smile? We offer both in-office and take-home whitening kits to help you achieve the smile you desire. At Lok Dentists, we use the Zoom whitening which combines the use of a hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed visible LED light.  The procedure involves application of the gel on the teeth which will be exposed to the light from the Zoom lamp for three 15-minute sessions. Understanding that the process of whitening can have several minor side effects such as tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, we select our cases carefully and usually recommend several weeks of preparation before the actual procedure to minimise these side effects. The preparation leading up to the procedure would be individual-based and can only be formulated after a consultation with us.




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