We have provided conventional braces and Invisalign for an extended period of time, so our recommendations and professional opinions are ones based off both clinical and textbook experience. We are certified to provide services for Invisalign and have undergone continued education for orthodontics, with hundreds of completed cases in the past 10 years.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of plastic aligners which are changed every 2 weeks. They are designed and created specifically for you from a computer based interpretation of how your teeth can be moved.

Invisalign has come a long way. Over the years, it has dramatically increased the types of tooth movements it can perform through research, designs and inventions. But it is important to realise that there are some movements that thin plastic just cannot do. While Invisalign may be is perfect for some people, it doesn’t suit the needs of everyone.

Having said that, Invisalign is highly commendable and professional in their services. They know their limitations, and rarely ask too much of their products. It is free of charge for a dentist to send photos of patients to their laboratory and ask for a second opinion on whether a patient is suitable for Invisalign. Further, every Invisalign patient will receive a 3D demonstration video about how their teeth will be orthodontically moved and aligned. Our dentists will watch this video with you present to determine together whether or not this is a realistic and achievable goal from Invisalign.



Okay, so now you’ve determined that you are suitable to be treated by Invisalign. Great! Invisalign is perfect for you. If you are in a position that visible braces may not be an optimal situation. Consider factors such as employment, relationships and personal confidence. If any of these are applicable to you – Invisalign may be perfect.



Invisalign must be worn for 22 hours per day. That means, the only time you do not wear it is when you’re eating. Is this possible for you? If yes, Invisalign may be perfect. Add: But compare to conventional braces that have to be worn for 24hours a day, even when eating.


With something covering your teeth for 22 hours per day, oral hygiene is extremely important. If you plan to use Invisalign, or even conventional braces – please ensure you keep your teeth clean.


Whatever your choice, we have experienced dentists at our clinics who can provide both Invisalign and conventional braces. We are very honest in our approach, and we will sit down and discuss with you your treatment options and suitability towards certain orthodontic treatment methods.


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